Canada has a need for change in a positive direction

Dear Editor;

These days there seems to be more and more disturbing things happening all around us everyday. When one writes their perspective on what they see happening in our world it is humorous how many people will write and ask to see the “facts.” Once I read a post on the internet where a guy was disputing that the Holocaust had ever happened. He asked to see a “link” that proved it. In our day and age we are reduced to people wanting the proof of a “link” in spite of all the forensic evidence that the Holocaust took place. I have written in here before about how everyone interprets scientific facts differently through their subjective filters of their life experiences. People really don’t view things with total objectivity, except when it comes to real concrete principles like gravity or electricity. Values, ethics and morals are more vague, in terms of subjectivity, than ever in our world today.

Many people say that they look to science for what is fact or not, yet we have a movement today of people saying that the earth is in fact flat. This may seem very ignorant yet 77% of Canadians do not know that Canada does not have a law on abortion. Despite how science shows that a fetus is in fact a baby with a beating heart after the first trimester people think that abortion is just a religious issue. It is not ONLY a religious issue; it is ALSO a human rights issue. The right to life is a fundamental right in our society, and taking it away from our most vulnerable is a strong indicator of our values as a society. A newborn child is as helpless as a pre-born child, yet we only assign it legal standing and protection as soon as it has exited its mother’s womb. In Canada the injustice of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc is protected so why is it that Canadians do not recognize and fight the injustice of discrimination based on a person’s age(pre-born), ability(helpless) and location(in the womb)? Yes it may be so, Abortion is an issue with religious Canadians. God created all people in His image, and therefore life is sacred and not to be ended based on human discretion. More importantly though, it is an issue that goes far beyond religious considerations and everyone should be appalled by it’s lawless practice in Canada.

Many readers may have noticed that billboards have sprung up across Canada with a simple message: Canada has no abortion law. The billboard invites passersby to visit which contains a history of Canada’s abortion law and a suggestion to begin addressing this legal void. This simple message is part of a national advocacy effort to build support for fetal protection laws in Canada. It is draconian that, in 2018, Canada is the only country in the world that has zero legal protections for pre-born children. People who are opposed to the billboard campaign say that it is “false and misleading.” The reality is, the message is a clear and accurate statement. The Supreme Court of Canada in R v Morgentaler struck down Canada’s abortion law. It is important to understand what the Supreme Court did and did not say in that case. They found the previous abortion scheme to be too heavy handed from the top down and in this way unfair to women, but they never found a right to unrestricted abortion. They struck down the old scheme expecting Parliament to pass a new abortion law. The Supreme Court unanimously affirmed Parliament’s ability to legislate to protect fetal interests, especially later in the pregnancy. Since then Canada has had no laws governing abortion.

The message that Canada has no abortion laws is an important one, polls suggest that 77% of Canadians are unaware that we have no laws protecting fetal interests. While some extreme abortion activists celebrate lawless abortion, it is the hope of the campaign that having the facts will cause people to consider whether they are comfortable with the status quo or not. “We don’t demand people think our way, but neither do we hide the fact that we think it’s time for Canada to begin addressing the legal void by getting in line with international standards and protecting fetal interests after the first trimester.” Mike Schouten, the director of We Need a Law.

I believe, in answer to how I started out this letter, that we see more and more disturbing behaviour by humanity because we are seeing more of an erosion of the value of human life and the family unit. Children are aborted or are raised in daycare. There is lots of research that shows the trauma caused to a child’s developing brain who is abandoned everyday in daycare. The rife mental health problems we see today are a direct result of a lack of parenting and healthy families. Children are treated like a commodity and yet people wonder why so many grow up with deep wounds to their psyche. I have seen the wound in my daughter’s face at just hearing about how children are aborted for just being a girl. Having a law that protects unborn children in Canada is an ethical and moral obligation that is needed for change in a positive direction.


Edwin Platt