What does your future look like, in Kneehill County?

To the Editor;

As “younger” members of Kneehill County, what does your future look like? We would ask you to consider the following items:

Rural Crime - Do you work hard for your money?

Recently Kneehill County has hired one (1) new Peace Officer. We ask you this; What type of jurisdiction does the Peace Officer have? Can he/she intervene in an active crime? The short answer is NO!

His/her role is to be “visible” to discourage crime and to enforce by-laws within rural Kneehill County. So now we ask, does this help your hard-earned belongings from going missing? It does not!

Just make sure you don’t feed your animals up to the road with an electric fence, the fine will exceed your feed savings! To our knowledge the biggest crime spree that has been corrected so far is allowing your animals to graze on a County road allowance!

Rural Fire Strategy - What does this look like? How does it affect you? Is there a plan for less more regionalized Fire Halls?

Can you afford to pay substantially higher insurance premiums because of being more than 8-15 kilometers from a Fire Department? Can you afford not to have insurance? Our short and bitter answer is NO!

So, what happens to our rural homes and country living dreams?? Sales, foreclosure or budgeting for higher insurance may become a reality…. Maybe we are all moving into town while our rural properties sit empty??

Will our taxes decrease with a lower level of fire service?

And what about longer response times for medical emergencies by our local first responders?

Regional Resource Urban Sustainability Grant - Do you want to pay high fees to access our neighboring amenities? Or have them not available at all?

For an example, If you want to register your kids in swimming lessons in the City of Red Deer and you are not a Red Deer citizen, as a non-citizen will pay substantially more than a citizen of the City. Do you want to pay more to utilize the many amenities offered to us by our neighboring communities? We sure don’t!

Do you want to see the amenities available to rural residents in neighboring communities become unsustainable or closed because valuable grant money was removed from them?

Council Transparency & Accountability - Why did you vote in the last election? Did you want a change? Did you get to vote due to acclamation? In the last election, we as citizens voted in five (5) out of seven (7) new Councillors… We were looking for change!

The Municipal Government Act that guides our Councillor’s focuses on how decisions are made such as:

Is this decision time sensitive?

Do we have the information we need to make this decision?

What sources of information are available to make this decision?

Who is going to be affected by this decision?

Do you feel that your Elected Council member is acting in your best interest?? What about the interests of your children and grand-children and the future of your rural lifestyle?

If the above questions have made your think about our generation’s future within Kneehill County and you would like more information or to attend an upcoming Information Session, please follow us on Facebook at Urban & Rural Kneehill County, leave a comment or question, or email us at kneehillpetition2018@gmail.com for more information about signing a Petition for a “Municipal review/inquiry” into the affairs of Kneehill County administration.

Kim Albrecht & Danielle Weisenburger