County Council looks forward to hearing from you

Kneehill County Council is aware that not all individuals are going to agree with Council and that there will be times some unhappiness or discontent with Council policy decisions.

Policy decisions are the right of Council, and it is Council’s expectation that our administration and staff will implement the decisions of Council and the direction that they are given. Please extend the appropriate courtesy to our staff at all times as they are just fulfilling their job requirements, which is to follow Council’s direction. Our staff does not dictate, decide or direct policy, that is the Council’s job and mandate. If you disagree with a Council decision, that is your right, however, your disagreement is with Council, not staff. Staff are just following through on their job expectations and requirements, please respect that reality.

In all cases where there is potential for a conflict of interest or a potential pecuniary interest, (implied or real), on the part of Council members or staff, it is expected/demanded that the conflict or pecuniary interest be disclosed. Failure to disclose a conflict of interest or pecuniary interest carries serious consequences. Kneehill County Council has no concerns related to alleged conflict of interest or pecuniary interest, on the part of either Council or our staff.

The implication of dishonesty and neglect of duties on the part of Council or our staff is repugnant and offensive.

Regardless of age or position, whether paid or volunteer, ratepayer or not, the use of threats, intimidation, lies and gossip is inappropriate at all times.

If you truly want to know what is happening, County Council and County staff are prepared to answer the questions raised. If you have a constructive suggestion or criticism, or you just disagree, as long as the conversation is respectful, you will find both Council and staff receptive to your thoughts.

Due to differences of points of view and the complexity of the decisions to be made, not every suggestion will be adopted. However, that does not mean that you have not been heard or that you are being ignored. The simple truth is that none of us ever gets everything that we want and while Council and staff desire to provide the best possible level of service and attention possible, not everything is possible or even feasible.

Just because you believe it, does not make it real. Just because you do not believe it, does not make it false.

Kneehill County Council and our staff are ready to answer any question or concern that our ratepayers may raise. Kneehill County Council is interested in your thoughts and feedback. Council looks forward to hearing from you.

Reeve Jerry Wittstock

Deputy Reeve Kenneth King

Councillor Wade Christie

Councillor Jim Hugo

Councillor Glen Kiever

Councillor Faye McGhee

Councillor Debbie Penner