A welcome sight compared to COVID updates

Dear Editor,

Bonnie and I live on one of the happiest streets in Three Hills, we are in a condo across the street North of Anderson Park and close to the West side. Many students walk on the street on the West of the Park, some going North to PCA, some heading South to the town school, many holding the hands of siblings. I can sit in my easy chair looking out the window watching them go by with my rose coloured glasses on. It is a welcome sight compared to COVID updates. If we step outside at recess and noon hour we can hear the kids at the town school, a cacophony of happy sounds. The sidewalk in front of our house has many walking on it, all greet us if we are out. Many are being walked by their dogs, we even see two dogs with their humans meet each other in the park, this results in happy greetings in dog talk. We look South to the beauty of the Park and particularly to a spectacular tree we have claimed as ours. The Town workers keep the walking trails clear and they are used. In the few months we have been here we observed the neighbourhood maintains their yards and homes. If I am looking through rose coloured glasses I suggest you try it.

Gord Snell

AKA Mr Separist and Mr Contributor

Three Hills, AB