I do not support Bill C-7

Dear Editor,

I do not support Bill C-7 which I understand would eliminate all safeguards in euthanasia from some information I received. This bill is being reviewed by a justice committee before going to another vote in a few weeks.

It seems to me that all suffering can possibly be eliminated by a lethal injection, with no need for research or creativity in finding solutions to combat disease. The bill may also endanger the lives of vulnerable Canadians without allowing support to be given to help those in various crises. In God’s truths we are all made in His image and the Lord shall preserve our going out and our coming in. (Psalm 121)

Last year my family and I were grateful for the caring medical support, homecare and compassionate Palliative Care given at the time of my husband’s passing. Thank you for your time.

Deanna Farrell

Three Hills, AB