We need to get on with living

Dear Editor,

It is infuriatingly unfair that the government does not honour the benchmarks, which it clearly laid out, on February 8th, in its own “Four Step Plan.” Currently, out of a population of nearly 4.5 million people here in Alberta, there are only 257 people hospitalized because they have COVID. Our society is already below the less than 300 people hospitalized target, which, supposedly, indicates that we should be in Stage 3 of the outlined progress towards reinstating the rights of freedom of association and freedom of assembly (as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) which the government has repeatedly stripped from us. The 106 hospitals in Alberta have a total of 8515 acute care beds. Do you really believe that our provincial health care system is in danger of being overwhelmed because 257 citizens are hospitalized with COVID? How can we have any trust in our government when they don’t even abide by the benchmarks which they set? How does it make any logical sense that hundreds of people are allowed to mingle in Walmart or Costco, but if you interact with a few family members, in a private home, you will be fined $1000! Just for comparison, if you are driving 50km per hour over the posted speed limit, you will be fined $474. Which of those activities is truly the more reckless and dangerous to health? Enough of this insanity. We need to get on with living.

Susan McNeely

Three Hills, AB