Both are in love with injustice, hatred, and violence

Dear Editor,

I never know whether your readers take letters like the one last week (‘Let’s Set the Record Straight, Eh?’) seriously. If any do, I hope they and the writer will take a further straightening of the record in good part.

I have followed the protests in my hometown of Portland, Oregon over the last few months. There the ‘Antifa’ (a barbarous neologism) made an abortive attempt to burn down the condominium building in which the mayor and many other people live by throwing lighted materials into a minority-owned business on the ground floor. They’ve also attacked the Oregon headquarters of the Democratic Party, and the Oregon Historical Society—hardly bastions of fascism. Recently they took over a five-block area on the east side and converted it into a fort against public authority, complete with barricades, spike strips, and armed guards. Among the mottoes they’ve left spray-painted on buildings and hoardings are ‘ACAB’ (many times), ‘Kill the Cops’ or ‘Kill all Cops’ (many times), and, at least once, ‘Impregnate Joe Biden’ or words to that effect. The evidence shows that they are neither unorganized nor merely anti-fascist.

The truth is that neither the Antifa nor the Proud Boys have any use for human freedom, human flourishing, or even domestic tranquility. Both are in love with injustice, hatred, and violence. I hope that their apologists are simply, and not willfully, misled.


Douglas Lewis

Three Hills, AB