Town of Three Hills offers to supply portable patios

Dear Editor,

This latest lockdown certainly took us all a little by surprise and, as with most businesses, I was left scrambling to figure out how to deal with the last changes in the best way possible. That’s when the Three Hills Town Office called me and offered me the use of barricades, tables and chairs to set up a patio for my business. It was a phone call I wasn’t expecting, but one that left me feeling supported, encouraged and grateful. I am thankful for our town council’s commitment to helping businesses through this latest struggle. It also got me to thinking about our community as a whole and how we have handled this pandemic. The media is constantly inundating us with negative stories & sentiments surrounding COVID, yet I find I am continuously blessed by the support shown to my business from the community during this last year. The people in our area have truly rallied around local businesses and kept us all going with financial support, kind words and loads of patience as we deal with sudden changes. Our community has genuinely gone the extra mile to help each other during this last year, and to me that is a positive outcome of COVID, and one that I want to focus on. I am grateful for our community and I hope we all take the time to appreciate how we have come together to make our town a better place during such a trying time. I hope I can continue to give back as much as I have received and that, together, we will continue to be an example of the good that can come from COVID.

Lisa Dau

Waffles On Main

Three Hills, AB