The government has way overreached during this sorry saga

Dear Editor,

This week I received a call from the Conservative Party of Canada asking me for donations. I asked the caller if my reason for not supporting them anymore could be put on record. She said yes; the call was being audio recorded actually. I informed her that as long as Erin O’Toole was running things there was no difference between all the parties and they would not get any support from me! There really is no choice anymore; all the political regimes in Canada are all about more government control and micromanaging our lives.

With that phone call I was reminded of the letter in the paper this week: “The choice to separate and control our own destiny.” The author talks about his disconcertion with being Canadian when the Chretien Liberals were declared having a majority government in 1993; even before our voting polls had even closed. I was just a kid in the early 70’s when I first experienced this dismay. My mom turned on the black and white TV at 8pm, that’s when our voting polls closed and the news blackout of the election coverage ended. Our family gathered around the old TV console and heard that at about 7pm it had already been declared that Pierre Trudeau was once again Prime Minister. Hmm, how could that be I pondered, none of our votes had even been counted yet? After a shrug I thought; we are outsiders looking in with no real say. While I was living in Calgary twenty years ago, I had friends who had; for various reasons in their academic pursuits, gone to university in southern Ontario. They found that the prevailing attitude on the campuses there was that the West was just a frontier that existed to benefit them. We were just a territory to be pillaged and plundered! I am not sure that I would not consider myself a Canadian but there are certainly many times where I do not feel like an inclusive part.

In the letter: “Talk about inconveniences eh?” I agree that people may reconsider their stance on all the COVID restrictions if they had to pay the cost of their own healthcare. And that is a far as I agree with the author. The government should not be in charge of delivering so many of the essentials to society. This is the crux of the problem. Our society has been “gaslighted” into defaulting their personal autonomy to big brother the government. When the government takes care of your healthcare then you indeed have no say because you have deferred the responsibility to them. It’s like when you were a kid still living at home; you had no say when you were 8 that your bed time was way earlier than you liked. You had to wait until you were 18 and out on your own to call your own shots. The government is insidiously taking away people’s independence and autonomy to live our own lives. The mentality that people have come to is that they can’t look after themselves, that they need the government looking after them. This is Socialism my friends and the United Nations has a plan to Socialize the whole world and our Prime Minister is leading Canada into it. The 3rd World’s standard of living won’t go up but the 1st World’s standard will go down to 3rd World and then we all will be the “same.” Many people’s access to being able to work has been stripped away by the government’s restrictions this past year. Then big brother the government rode to the rescue with some handouts like CERB or otherwise. It all gaslights society into the mentality that they cannot survive without government looking after them and thus has the right to tell them what they can and cannot do. If you do what the government says then you will be safe and well. Does that really make sense to anyone?

I agree with a statement made in the letter: “Town of Three Hills offers to supply portable patios.” The statement was that the media is constantly inundating us with negative stories and sentiments surrounding COVID. Mainstream media in this country is “owned” by the government. Whether through grants, or direct ownership like the CBC is, the government owns the media’s discourse. The media, at the direction of the government, is using the oldest technique to control people: Fear. Humans are equipped with an innate survival mechanism called; Fight or Flight. In ancient days it would give you an emotional boost of strength to run away from danger or the strength to stay and fight the ferocious beast. You have likely heard of the person getting enough strength, from this emotional boost of adrenaline, to lift a fallen heavy object off of someone to save their life. Out of fear you don’t think, you just react. This strategy was used in the 1930’s to get the people of Germany riled up enough to program the societal mentality for going along, like sheep, with the atrocities that followed in the 1940s. Playing on humanities innate fear response is nothing new. It has been exploited to control the masses many; many, many, times in the course of history. This was used by President George Bush after 9-11 to wage war in Iraq. As I have traveled around North America over the past year, as an essential worker, I see our society today very riled up. The societal mentality is being manipulated and controlled by this emotional state, moving it closer to running over the ledge like a bunch of lemmings! People are no longer using the power of their mind’s reasoning and mindlessly are going along with things like a bunch of workers in a Trade Union. “Nobody moves; nobody gets hurt.”

While COVID is in fact a new virus that can make people sick it is being abused and exploited by the governments to fear monger people into relinquishing more of their independence and autonomy to big brother the government. The Elite Ruling Classes of the world have been looking for something to further this control agenda and they have pounced on COVID with a diatribe to subjugate humanity like never before. You just can’t have it both ways; you can’t have the government looking after you and not have them telling you what your freedoms are and are not.

In closing I want to be clear before you right me off as some paranoid conspiracy nut. Yes, COVID is in fact a new virus that can make people sick. Out of responsibility to others who are at risk; having been born before 1981 and now eligible, I am getting my vaccination; this very evening in fact. However, nobody can tell me that they themselves have not pondered much of the concept that I have laid out above. The government has way overreached during this sorry saga and have exploited it to further changing the societal mentality to acquiesce their personal autonomy.


Edwin Platt

Three Hills, AB