The other side of the COVID coin

Dear Editor,

Let me first say that COVID is a terrible illness. I deeply respect all healthcare workers who have risked their lives caring for these patients, and I send condolences to all who have lost someone dear. Some people have lost their business or their house, while others have committed suicide or suffered abuse while being forced to hunker down because of COVID; I am so sorry.

You may not agree with me. I have done my research and I invite you to do yours.

Regarding masks, a few years ago Dr. Fauci did research into the 1918 Spanish flu when so many died. He discovered that the cause of the deaths was NOT the flu, but bacterial pneumonia caused by WEARING MASKS (which is probably why, when COVID came, he originally said, “no masks.”) Prof. Yvonne Cossart of the Dept of Infectious Diseases of Sydney stated, “Masks do not function after 20 minutes due to saturation. As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath, they stop doing their job and pass on droplets. A used mask should never be reused.” Florida, Texas, South Dakota and Utah removed their mask mandate, “opened” the lockdown, and cases fell dramatically!

As to the “jabs,” there are several reasons why they are suspect. 1. All of the companies were allowed to skip the animal trials; now we are the human guinea pigs! Not only have people died from the shots, but MANY side effects are being reported including (but not limited to) bleeding from various parts of the body and menstrual cycles messed up. 2. Vaccines are supposed to work like this—your immune system reacts to a bit of the virus in the inoculation you are given. Since these shots have NONE (zip, zilch, nada) of the virus in them, they are not vaccines (and cannot be licensed as such in the U.S.) 3. It might be different if they worked like we are led to believe: “everyone gets vaccinated and COVID goes away.” WRONG! Not only can you get COVID after a shot (preliminary research shows that people who have gotten both doses of the Pfizer shot are 8 times more likely to get the South African variant of COVID); but people who have received a shot and then get COVID, shed the virus. They thus become SPREADERS, giving COVID to others!

The media is fear mongering, warning us to wear masks, get our shots, etc. But stop and think. The rate of survival among people 70+ (the most at-risk group) is 94.5%, so do not live in fear. DO ramp up your immune system. Do this by getting plenty of vitamin D outdoors as well as by supplements; doctors are finding that the patients with the worst COVID outcomes are woefully low in D. (Your doctor can check your “D” levels.) Also, Zinc, Vitamin C and Quercin are very helpful. If you do find yourself with COVID and needing to go to the hospital, doctors say to take an aspirin (on a full stomach) to help avoid blood clots. But to withhold travel, employment and other rights from those who choose not to get the shots is bullying and grossly unfair!

Dorothy Beam