Too many naysayers, too much negative thinking

Dear Editor,

Too many naysayers, too much negative thinking, too many looking for the devil under anything Edmonton or Ottawa does, eager to manipulate the naïve and the so-called uninformed who don’t drink from the correct Fountain of Knowledge, who believe only they can see what is wrong. They are neither whistle blowers nor bell ringers; they are doom-and-gloomers. Naysayers, dissidents.

In the larger picture, the dream-on agents of change, the anti-maskers, the fake news purveyors and consumers, the anti-vaxxers, anti-pandemic (it’s a hoax!), and anti-lockdowners do what Trump did: polarize and divide. Who wants a Canada like that? Not me! Former PM Harper said that in our political system we are opponents, not enemies. It’s sad the “anti” elements and self-anointed saviors, by fuelling fires of suspicion and dissent, by demonstrating their strident trumpism, create more and more polarized and radicalized enemies, not respectful opponents.

My last word to future exchanges goes to satirist HL Mencken: “We get into trouble by taking our visions and hallucinations too seriously.”

David Nadeau

Three Hills, AB