The Power of a Loving Community

Dear Editor,

My experience with COVID-19 started at the beginning of May when I was informed I had been in close contact with an infected worker while riding a bus. The symptoms of the virus began to hit me with a fever, body aches, weakness, and trouble breathing. I knew something was wrong and May 10th I received the news that I was positive. Staying home and attempting to tough it out was a bad idea as the virus was working hard to keep me down for the count. Around May 16th an ambulance was called and admittance to the Three Hills Hospital happened. At the hospital my body was progressively getting weaker and pneumonia was settling into my lungs creating a situation where it was difficult to breathe. May 19th STARS flew me to Peter Lougheed Hospital. I spent over a week on an intubator. My faithful wife came everyday while I was under to pray for me and play music in my ear. The medical staff could see that I was getting stronger as the week progressed and May 26th I was awake. I spent a couple more days in ICU before being moved to the COVID wing before finally coming back to Three Hills Hospital. I was released and home before the end of May.

I spent time going through all the messages of support in prayer and words of encouragement, this was overwhelming. Everyday for a couple weeks faithful folks would show up at our door with supper in hand. The Medical Personnel here that took care of me were the best and had a huge part in saving my life. We should be proud of our hospital and staff that serve the community in this capacity.

The Love that this community showed my family was powerful. I had a 50/50 chance when I left Three Hills. When you are faced with your own mortality your personal faith becomes more real than ever. I truly believe all of your prayers helped me heal. I don’t know how to Thank all of you enough. This community’s show of love and support was the real church at work.

Thank You,

Sean Wynette

Three Hills, AB