Well done to everyone involved

Dear Editor,

Last Wednesday was one of the hottest in Alberta history and as I was around town I noticed some things that made me glad to be living and working in Kneehill County and the town of Three Hills. I saw Terry from Shirley’s Flowers giving out glasses of ice water to anyone who needed one, and I also found the Chateau was handing out glasses of iced tea to residents and visitors. I am sure there were other businesses doing their best to help customers cope with the heat and not expecting anything in return.

I also have to give a big shoutout to Kneehill County Peace Officers, Natalie and Alex. They showed up in full uniform to do nothing but hand out Mr. Freezies to all the campers in the Three Hills Recreation Park. It was such a small, but at the same time huge, gesture. The campers were very impressed with them doing this and it did wonders for the image of the town and the Police & Peace Officers in the area. Well done to everyone involved in all of the acts of goodwill.

Tom Tullikopf

Three Hills Recreation Park