Not a mask in sight

Dear Editor,

Writing this Sunday after church, the first maskless church service in a long time. At BEMC we had coffee and goodies pre and after church. Bonnie and I were greeters, I missed some of the initial flow as I was downstairs in a SS class, but when I got to the door almost everyone wanted to shake hands or even hug and not a mask in sight. People were so anxious to visit that the service was not about to start until ushers came down to the foyer to herd the attendees to the sanctuary. It was not overflowing but a good crowd. Hopefully this attitude will carry over to other areas of our society. Those who are still fearful can continue to wear their masks or hide in their basements while the rest of us resume life without the authorities mandating our every move for the “common good.”

Gord Snell

Trochu, AB