Great support from our Health Care Workers

Dear Editor,

Re: “The power of a loving community” and “ No masks in sight”

I am glad that the contributor was able to survive his battle with COVID-19. Fortunately for him, he received great support from our health care workers, and moral support from family members and friends.

Sadly, over 2,600 Albertans died from this pandemic, and we may see more deaths coming from the Delta variant and the Lambda variant. We cannot let our guards down.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who continue to make snide remarks like, “Those who are still fearful can continue to wear masks or hide in their basements while the rest of us resume life without the authorities mandating our every move for the ‘common good’”.

A few reminders to consider: Nearly 100% of all deaths in the US this past month were attributed to the new variants, and nearly 100% of all the deaths in June were among those individuals who had not been vaccinated. There are too many people who still believe in conspiracy theories, and those who think they’re “entitled” to ignore rules, regulations, and laws. Bottom line: They don’t think about the welfare of their families, their friends, nor the people in their community.

In our society we enjoy many freedoms, but with those freedoms come responsibilities. Sadly, we have people who don’t care about the welfare of others, and their “selfishness” may lead to more infections and to more death from the new viruses (look at Australia, the US, and western Europe for examples of this growing problem).

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB