You are NOT a dictatorship even though you act like it

To these two DIS-honorable MLAs (Tyler Shandro, Dan Williams) and the mayor of Valleyview (Vern Lymburner):

Those of you who denied that a meeting could begin with a group of seniors in their own seniors’ facility if Todd Loewn was present (in the riding of Todd Loewen) - you are NOT the police, you are NOT the ones to decide if an MLA can be present at a political meeting within their own riding; you are NOT a dictatorship even though you act like it.

Also, UNMASK, and maybe if you start to act honorably, you can be less ashamed of your own faces. We, the citizens of Alberta, are presently ashamed of the UCP government; the true men like Todd Loewen, who have been kicked out of caucus, are the honorable ones. You can try to hide your faces like that, but your behavior screams that you are cowards.


Miriam Rashleigh

Three Hills, AB