When it comes to dealing with PM Trudeau and the Liberals we need someone who won’t duck

Dear Editor,

It always amazes me how some people love to hate the USA and almost everything it stands for. All the while people from around the world are desperate to immigrate there, legally or illegally, risking their lives, many even losing them. Some condemn the Republican governed states for their freer gun laws and less restrictive COVID rules, but many from Democrat governed states are moving to Texas and Florida so their children can attend school , they can run a business or work and feel safe. The founding fathers thought long and hard about developing a constitution and a governing system to prevent the government from having the absolute power of a parliamentary system. The Congress, Senate and Presidential branch were deliberately designed to check and balance each other. The founding fathers knew that power concentrated corrupts so designed the system to deliberately make it hard to pass legislation, that is a strength of the American system not a weakness. However the Biden administration is using the pandemic as an excuse to ignore the constitution, even admitting that what they are doing is illegal but declaring they are doing it anyway. Eventually their form of government should correct this illegality but not before Trillions in foolish expenditures. In contrast in Canada our PM suspended democratic government and ruled by press conference dispensing Hundreds of Billions with abandonment, all the time with a minority government. Our PM has divided Canada like no other, demonizing AB and the energy industry while allowing Quebec to declare itself a nation with French it’s official language and the latest, giving it $6 Billion for child care with no conditions while denying AB any deal at all. PM Trudeau also appointed an Alberta senator rather than wait for AB to elect its own choice. Would he do that to Quebec if they had planned to elect senators? Premier Kenny has been too nice dealing with Ottawa, being too weak and appeasing. We should have an AB police force, pension plan and not only a vote on senators, equalization but also separation. AB has been too wimpy in dealing with the ROC, we need someone like Donald Trump to represent us. When it came to the border crisis; Donald didn’t Duck. When it came to Iran; Donald didn’t Duck. When it came to supporting Israel; Donald didn’t Duck. When it came to China and COVID; Donald didn’t Duck. When it comes to dealing with PM Trudeau and the Liberals we need someone who won’t duck.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB