Effective Early Home Treatment for COVID-19. It’s time has come!

Dear Editor,

COVID-19 is a serious illness that has had a virtual stranglehold on the world for 18 months. Physicians and researchers now know much more about it than we did a year ago. Yet, the medical approach to early management of the illness is largely unchanged: When an individual has symptoms and a positive COVID test,

he/she is advised to isolate at home and return to hospital when and if they become very sick but they are given no effective therapies to use at home.

Here are a few important facts (simplified) to remember:

1. There is no single drug that provides a cure for COVID. Multi drug management is the norm for many viral infections such as HIV. The same is true for COVID-19.

2. It is not the virus that causes death, but the immune system reacting so excessively to the virus that resulting inflammation throughout the body is fatal.

3. There are 4 stages of COVID-19 progression (viral multiplication 7 days, inflammatory phase 7 days, clotting phase and post COVID symptoms). At each stage different, relatively inexpensive medications can usually provide adequate safe and quite effective treatment (see references below).

4. A relatively simple staged treatment program of early intervention will cost between $50 and C$100. By comparison, cost of a single treatment of antiviral drugs used in hospital is $3000 and admission to an ICU bed costs on average $50,000. (with a 35% mortality).

5. Early home treatment for COVID-19 positive patients is effective not only for saving lives but for a huge saving of money and freeing up hospital beds. 6. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions in revenues if simple, effective remedies were consistently used.

7. Vaccines are necessary. But our current vaccines are far from 100% effective and also cause harm to significant numbers of patients. Until we have better vaccines, we do have strategies to significantly reduce illness and death, so why aren’t we using them?

In any other potentially fatal illness, the diagnosis is followed by immediate action. The simple strategies now available reduce hospitalizations, serious outcomes and death by approximately 85% in high risk patients. These strategies have been proven effective in dozens of studies around the world but continue to be ignored by the World Health Organization, most of our Western health authorities and politicians. The public needs to rise up and demand that early intervention be instituted throughout Alberta and beyond. More lockdowns are NOT the answer. Early treatment saves lives and resources.

Here are a few references that I encourage you to access. They represent hundreds of physicians and researchers who have proven the effectiveness of “multifaceted, targeted sequential multi drug ambulatory treatment for SARS Cov-2 infection”. Many hundreds more can be found online.

1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuStcrGbjhM. A brief run down on the rationale for early ambulatory treatment, by Dr Peter McCullough. 2. https://rcm.imrpress.com/article/2020/2153-8174/RCM2020264.shtml this is a good printed review of the best current thinking.

3. https://www.todayville.com/edmonton/theres-another-way-to-end-the pandemic-doctors-can-knock-COVID-out-with-treatment/. A good summary for Alberta residents in layman’s terms.

4. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2052297521000883. A further, very current summary of early ambulatory treatment..

Medical authorities throughout Canada have not trained front line physicians in the application of these protocols and it is critical that our Alberta health authorities and politicians hear from us about instituting these measures.


Martin Reedyk M.D.