What About the Children? Freedom Party

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to the “What About the Children? Freedom Party” on Dec 4. See classified ad page for details. First of all I’d like to correct a mistake I made. The prayer group is called Pilgrimage to Parousia, instead of Palousia; sorry for the error. Secondly, I’d like to explain why I called the event what I did, even though it’s a mouthful! We believe in the freedom for everyone to decide what is injected into our bodies, based on informed consent which means knowing ALL of the information, pros and cons, before making a decision. Yet it can be difficult to know the cons of the mandated injections because that side is heavily censored. My motivation is to publicly share the information myself and members of the prayer group have gathered thru spending many hours researching studies published by doctors and scientists. It’s called a Freedom Party because we are still free to do our own research if we have the drive and desire to do so and we are still free to speak about our findings in person. I realize most adults have already made up their minds, however now that parents have to decide for their young children, I encourage every parent to research before making that potentially life altering decision. This is why it’s called “What About the Children?”. To be transparent, we aren’t in favour of the injections, particularly for children and we feel passionately about the subject. Ultimately though we are peace-loving, God-fearing people who want to give something of value to the community in terms of our time and resources; in this case a free hot dog roast with the new development of gift card draws from local businesses. We’d like to invite all of Three Hills, regardless of health pass status, to join us this Saturday. This is not a protest or demonstration, but instead a casual, family friendly, draw near the camp fire to talk, sing and pray community event. Hope to see you there!

Heather Bourque

Three Hills, AB