Don’t let this country slip away in division and strife

Dear Editor,

It is 2022, and a clear crisp -28 C evening when I pass our town’s outdoor skating rink and hear the sound of a puck bouncing of the side boards. I see three young boys playing hockey, apparently undaunted by the cold weather. A few days back a loner was on the ice practising his passing moves in slow-motion in such a gracious way, it brought tears to my eyes.

This is what Canada is partly all about, no matter what goes on in the world; this is the spirit of Canada in these young boys!

No division on the ice, just neighbourhood kids playing hockey through all kinds of storms, literally and figuratively speaking, maybe dreaming of one day playing in the NHL. I have an eleven year old grandson playing in his town’s rink with the same hopes and desires like so many others in our country.

I had the temerity to ask one of the lads if he was cold. He looked at me as if I was from another planet!

Thank you Town of Three Hills for providing and maintaining an outdoor rink, as well as the volunteers who keep the ice snow free!

A couple of days later I was walking along 1st Ave in -30C weather when a kind lady, driving from the opposite direction, stopped her car and asked if I would like a ride. She insisted on driving me around on my errands (thank you Colleen) and we ended up with a chat, prayer and coffee at my house. A random act from a stranger; this is what a community should be all about!

Don’t let this country slip away in division and strife.


Gerry Dormain

Three Hills, AB