Movie scenes shot at Three Hills Arts Academy


Personal freedom, land rights, anarchy, and the year 2050 were elements in a movie scene shot last week at the Three Hills Arts Academy.
Movie makers Greg and Dallas Lammiman wrote a script that sees the totalitarian and oppressive government in Mayflower II as not only powerful, but focused on population control.
Their idea of population control was played out at the Academy as landowners faced the sudden specter of a forced depopulating of the countryside. Urbanization, says the government of the day, logically means a safe environment for everyone. Not all landowners, of course, believe party logic. Producer Greg Lammiman of Airdrie describes the movie as an action-packed futuristic thriller highlighting the need for faithfulness and courage in the face of oppression.
He and director son Dallas worked with an intense script and a small mix of paid and volunteer actors at the Academy to complete one of many scenes being shot in several Alberta locations.
Not expecting completion until late next year or early 2016, the movie will face an uphill struggle for, as Lammiman put it, "It's a tough market for faith-based science fiction. Christian movies," he said, "are typically feel-good, but ours doesn't fit the conventional niche."