Leadership speaker, Lorne Rubis speaks at Dr. Elliott School

Motivational Speaker Linden

Lorne Rubis, has authored two books, The Character Triangle (build character, have an impact and Inspire Others) and the Character Triangle Companion. He is regularly asked to present ATB’s culture vision to Fortune 500 companies and on Monday, Feb 12 he volunteered to speak to the students of Dr. Elliott School. It was for ages 10 to 14 (grades 5 to 9).

Mr. Rubis advised students about becoming more self aware. “Even though you’re so young, it’s not too early to start. Becoming self aware is a life long journey. Be intentional; Live your agenda.”

He spoke about Purpose, Values, and Others. “Where do I give value to others and what value do I get back.” Students are to ask themselves - What are you great at? What do you love to do, but why is it you actually like it? Define its values. What is your purpose? What guides you?

Mr. Rubis wanted to get three main points across: The idea of being self-accountable, learning the skill of respectfulness, and being an ‘abundant; type of personality. “Abundant people make things better, make people around them better, give of themselves generously. Do it now; don’t wait. Who you are and what you do; you define that.” He explained that it doesn’t mean you have to like everybody but it also means that you aren’t hiding behind social media to hurt others. Being respectful is as easy as just being kind. Be caring; be accessible, be inclusive. Being self accountable is for whatever situation you find yourself in. What can you do to change it and not blame others. “It is not the teachers fault if you get a bad mark. All blame is a waste; it’s not helpful.”

Mr. Rubis thanked the students for their time and gave away an Edmonton Oilers #93 jersey, of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, signed by #93. The lucky winner of the draw was Braeden Johns.

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