Cooper seeks Wildrose nomination, picks up key endorsement

OLDS - Two-term Town of Carstairs Councillor Nathan Cooper is seeking the Wildrose nomination in Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills.
A lifelong conservative, Cooper advocates principled policies that put our local families, farmers, small businesses, and communities first.
“Strong families and communities are the backbone of Alberta’s economy. A public official’s first job is to represent the interests of local constituents, a duty I pledge to fully embrace,” said Cooper. “Wildrose is Alberta’s only truly grassroots conservative movement. We stand for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy. I am proud to stand with our strong and united Wildrose team in defending these non-negotiable principles.”
Cooper is the first local resident to announce his candidacy for the local Wildrose nomination. In addition to his duties as Town Councillor, Cooper currently serves as Chief of Staff for the Wildrose Official Opposition in Edmonton. He and his wife Tanya are raising three children in Carstairs.
As the Government of Alberta continues to grapple with massive deficits, Cooper says the Wildrose Party’s principled, fiscally-conservative opposition is vital.
“Albertans understand that lower oil prices will have a real impact on the local economy. Jobs will be lost, household budgets will be tight. This is the exact wrong time to raise taxes on Albertans,” said Cooper. “Our families and seniors already face high costs, forcing them to make tough decisions every day. Raising taxes will only increase the damage, kill jobs, and drive away investment.”
“I am seeking the Wildrose nomination because I firmly believe Albertans deserve a forward-thinking and principled alternative, which will speak out for our families, our communities, and our democracy.”
Cooper has already received a high profile endorsement from Wildrose House Leader Shayne Saskiw.
“The future success of our grassroots movement depends on the efforts of principled people coming together to put Albertans first. We need more people like Nathan elected to the Legislature,” said Saskiw. “I wholeheartedly, without reservation endorse Nathan as the Wildrose candidate. Please consider buying a Wildrose membership and supporting him.”