Students attend Farm Safety Days



Acme's Tri-Campus Elementary and Three Hills Elementary School students received some important farm safety tips at a full day rural and farm safety program on Thursday, October 1, at a farm, north of Linden. Agriculture for Life partnered with community members to deliver the program to 400 students, kindergarten to grade 9.
There were a wide variety of safety topics delivered by local volunteers, businesses and safety experts designed to teach students how to keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy. Children rotated through 12 safety stations including ATV, tractor and large equipment, underground utilities, large animal, and chemical safety. Children were learning the safety do's and don'ts of approaching and behaving around horses, cattle and other livestock. The weight of grain can suffocate. One station had children hunt for farm hazards, another was about chemical dangers, and yet another was on farm trivia with the spin of a wheel. Some high school students volunteered to help, coaxing them into leadership roles, in the hopes of removing the intimidation of speaking and teaching and as one teacher put it, "to de-mystify volunteering".
During the year, Sarah Linde, Program Coordinator with Ag for Life organizes about 20 of these programs throughout the province and she expressed high praise for the support given here this day. "This area really delivers, with the most volunteer support. We received volunteers and equipment from numerous businesses and agencies. We had adults and high school students helping at every station. The support was amazing!"