Ratepayers be aware of this

Dear Editor;
If you are a ratepayer in Kneehill County, you should be aware of this.
In what now appears to have been a sham, Kneehill County Council passed second reading of Bylaw # 1597 at a public hearing to adopt the Badlands Motorsport Resort Area Structure Plan (ASP) on June 11 at Three Hills.
Despite the fact the Racetrack does not even come close to fitting into Kneehill's Municipal Development Plan and is in an Environmentally Significant Area.
Despite the fact that 85 of 86 written submissions opposed the development.
Despite the fact the community brought in their own third party experts who proceeded to poke holes big enough in the ASP to drive a combine through.
Despite the fact this public hearing was forced upon a rural community at a very busy time of  year, 90+ concerned area citizens took time to show 100% support in opposition to this racetrack development.
Despite the fact Not One person in the community spoke in favour of the development.
Despite the fact they listened to four-plus hours of presentations from Rosebud residences, Beynon residences, acreage owners, local farmers, environment experts and Kneehill ratepayers All in opposition to the development
Be Aware that this may set a precedent; council may at anytime decide they no longer have to follow their own Municipal Development Plan nor do they have to listen to their ratepayers.
Be Aware this could happen anywhere in this county and at any time.
Concerned ratepayers
Rick and Linda Skibsted