Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada (MAF) Celebrates 50 Years

Aviation Speakers

A birthday party of a much different nature took place at the Three Hills Airport on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada (MAF) celebrated 50 years in Canada. Prairie College’s Aviation Training Center, now 31 years old, partners with MAF which provide staff to the capacity enrollment of 30 aviation students in Three Hills.

Once students complete the two-year diploma program they will serve all over the world, flying to unreached and isolated people who are otherwise inaccessible, using aircraft as a tool to bring missionaries, doctors, humanitarian aid, and supplies and to deliver Prairie’s motto, “To Know Christ And Make Him Known,” and to apply it to their aviation career.

Staff, students, national representatives of MAF, as well as family and supporters attended this Golden Celebration.

Keynote speaker Richard Marples spoke of his 17 years in Papua New Guinea and his more than 18,000 landings. “If you can imagine,” said Richard, “we carried live sheep, ATVs, utility tractors, x-ray machines and, of course, thousands of people”.

Upon returning to Canada, Richard joined the staff at Prairie Aviation Training Centre to teach, mentor and disciple the next generation of mission aviators. That was back in 2016.

“Today there is a worldwide demand for qualified pilots and aircraft engineers,” said Richard. He added that Prairie Aviations’ current facilities are “bursting at the seams”. The hangar is jammed as are the classrooms. He adds, “There is an immediate need for more space for aircraft maintenance and larger classrooms,” He explained, “that’s why we’re investing in expanding our training centre to better fulfill our mission”.

An investment of $5 million will double the school facility and hopefully double the number of aviation students. The new building is anticipated to come in at 14,000 sq. ft.

The present facility will continue to serve the training facility providing 12,000 sq ft of space. A fundraiser to get the project off the ground is now underway. Contact the Prairie Aviation Training Centre at 1-403-443-5511 (Prairie reception) for more information.