Trochu Town Council Report

Trochu LOGO

Mayor Barry Kletke, with all Councillors present, called the June 26 Trochu Town Council meeting to order at 5:58 PM.

The agenda was accepted as circulated. The minutes of the June 12 Regular Meeting were adopted as presented.

The July/August meeting schedule was presented with July 10 being set for a Committee of the Whole meeting and July 24 and August 28 being designated as the dates for the regular meetings.

CAO Carl Peterson distributed his Administrator’s report in a chart form adding some oral expansions to the items printed. Updates were given under the following headings:

A. Asset Management, B. Trochu Housing Corporation, C. Rural Development Network/PRMS (Enabling Housing), (Housing Demand), (Housing Accelerator Fund) D. PRMS-Municipal Development Plan, E. KREMA - Emergency Mgmt. Workshop, F. Fire - Level of Service, G. Day Care, H. Arboretum, I. Leadership Caucus, J. Benefits Review, K. 218 Main Street (Demolition), L. Arena… and the possibility of “Early Ice”, M. Leadership Event.

There were no Committee Reports.

Councillors’ Reports were brief and to the point.

a) Councillor Armstrong: Attended the following: 1. Fire Levels of Service, 2. Community Futures.

b) Councillor Cunningham: 1. Red Deer Municipal Users Group, 2. Ian Hill’s Session, 3. Spoke about projects and how to present them. 4. Attended Kneehill Housing meeting.

c) Councillor De La Cruz: 1. Three new workers from Mexico have joined the Sunterra Team. 2. The Filipino Families are having a Filipino Food pot-luck after the parade and Council members are invited.

d) Councillor Lyver attended a meeting this afternoon.

e) Councillor Martel spoke of events going on at the Arboretum and a fundraiser planned for October.

f) Deputy Mayor Reeds had an interview with the Rural Development Network. Also with the Drumheller Solid Waste.

Mayor Kletke took in a Central Alberta Economic Partnership meeting. He attended a Social Studies class as a “dragon” and found it very interesting as to the proposed projects put forth by the students.

Lavina Henderson joined by video to explain Bylaw No. 2023-04 2023 Revolving Loan.

The Bylaw is a regular presentation that is done annually.

Council gave the required 1st, 2nd, consent to give third, and then 3rd and final reading to Bylaw 2023-04, being the 2023 Bylaw Revolving Loan Bylaw.”

New Business was to present the Tax Forgiveness as per Economic Development Incentive Policy 2021-01-25-02.

This looked at 12 Properties eligible under the policy to have the taxes “forgiven”. Council accepted the list as presented.

Council approved the $1,500.00 annual water credit to the Trochu Community Hall.

Council was presented with a “Proposed Incentive Changes for Incoming Physicians”. This was put forward by the Kneehill Medical Services Retention and Recruitment Task Force coming out of a meeting on May 17 at which doctors were present. Council moved to accept the proposed changes.

This brought the meeting to 6:58 and a short recess before going into Closed Session with the following items being listed on the agenda:

a) Land item: Remediation (FOIP 16)

b) Legal item: Tax Forgiveness Request (FOIP 17)

c) Legal item: Utility Account (FOIP 16)

d) Legal item: Letter from Resident (FOIP 17)