Tyson Sailer: YETI Student Success Story

Sailer Presentation

Tyson Sailer, 15, a Trochu resident and student in the YETI (Youth Entrepreneurs Training Initiative) Program, offered through Community Futures Wild Rose (CFWR), was recognized at a presentation event at the Red Bird Café, in Trochu, on August 30, 2023.

The online description of the YETI program tells us that it is “an annual locally-focused, high-speed business training initiative for senior high school teens. With startup cash, resources and guidance from Community Futures Wild Rose Region staff, we’ll help you turn your business idea into a full-time money-maker over the eight weeks of summer- and well into the future.”

The effectiveness of the course, the drive that Tyson put into it, and the support of his family and community all were contributing factors to his success.

Tyson, (Offering “Sailer’s Lawn Service”), completed eight weeks of business training. Tyson met and surpassed his financial goal of $5,000 by week six (and exceeded it by $2,000). Tyson started from scratch in mid-June and has gone from three clients to 31 clients in that time. He created a fee schedule, and a Facebook page, from his original Facebook group, and joined the CFWR Digital Economy Program. Tyson will be extending his business into the fall and doing fall clean-up, raking, etc. and into the winter will move into snow removal. He completed a Cashflow Worksheet, created and distributed posters, created and distributed client feedback surveys and received all positive feedback. CFWR will continue supporting Tyson monthly for as long as he wants them to. Tyson was able to make educated investments with some of his profits.

It is not surprising that those present and making presentations were duly impressed with Tyson’s accomplishments and commented about the value of such a program (and what help it would have been for them at that age.)

Kneehill County Councillor and CFWR Director Wade Christie made a presentation on behalf of Kneehill County.

Trochu Councillor and CFWR Director Chris Armstrong made a presentation from the Town of Trochu.

Carl Peterson, CAO of Trochu also brought congratulatory words.