Kneehill County Council Report

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Kneehill County Reeve Jerry Wittstock called the regular Council meeting to order at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, September 12. All Councillors were present.

There were four items added to the agenda and the agenda was approved as amended. The minutes for the meeting of August 22, were approved as distributed.

There were no Public Hearings and no Appointments.

There was nothing to report under the following headings:

4. Infrastructure - Roads/Bridges/Water/Wastewater/Environment.

5. Community Services. 5.1 Planning; 5.2 Agricultural Services Board and Parks; 5.3 Protective Services; 5.4 Economic Development.

Item 6 Addresses Corporate Services and looked at two matters;

6.1 Bylaw 1891 Tax Arrears Payment Plan.

As the title suggests this is a proposed Bylaw that sets out terms and conditions whereby RESIDENTIAL tax payments have been left unpaid but will be allowed to ‘catch up’ in monthly instalments while also covering the current tax charges The Bylaw as presented was given 1st and 2nd readings with adjustment or updates to be presented at the September 26 meeting for third and final reading,

6.2 Second Quarter Variance Report 2023

Again, as the title suggests this is a detailed report that shows what budget amounts were allotted to numerous areas and then shows what amounts have been spent or received and what the variances are. With this, Financial Planning Coordinator, Marika von Mirbach gave reasonable explanations as to why the figures were different. Sometimes it is because the payments or receipts are outstanding. Most often it is because of changes in the costs of equipment or supplies.

The following motions indicate what measures will be taken to “repair” the variances

“1. That Council approve the contribution of $946,246 of investment return revenue to the Revenue Stabilization Reserve.

2. That Council approve a draw of $3,800 from the Contingency Reserve to fund over-budget operating projects as detailed in Appendix C.

3. That Council approve draw of $107,977 from the Capital Equipment Plan Reserve to fund over-budget capital equipment plan purchases as detailed in the body of this report.”

7 Legislative Services.

7.1 Bylaw 1892 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

The Bylaw sets forth amendments including definitions, mandatory training, and election guidelines for the Chair and Vice Chair.

Council took the following action.

“That Council provided First Reading to Bylaw 1892 that being a bylaw for the purpose of establishing the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. That Council provide Second Reading to Bylaw 1892. That Council provide unanimous consent for Third and final reading to Bylaw 1892. That Council provide Third Reading to Bylaw 1892.”

7.2 Trochu Flapjack Fiesta Community Discovery Night 2023,

Council received an invitation to attend this event.

The motion as passed by Council: “That Council receive for information the Trochu Flapjack Fiesta Community Discovery Night Report.”

Three Councillors indicated that they would be able to attend: Councillor Fobes, Councillor Christie and Deputy Reeve King.

7.3 Junior Achievement Report 2023

As background: “Kneehill County has provided sponsorship to the Alberta Junior Achievement program since 2012. At the January 11th, 2022, Council meeting, Council approved continued funding to this program in the amount of $3,000 per year for the next three years.”

The submitted report was summarized in these words:

“Here are some key points [Junior Achievent] provided:

1. Program Expansion: The Alberta Junior Achievement has provided an update to Council, showcasing their progress and achievements. One significant highlight is that they delivered more programs in the area compared to previous years. This demonstrates their commitment to expanding their reach and impact.

2. Partnership with Prairie Christian Academy: In 2023, Alberta Junior Achievement has successfully established a partnership with Prairie Christian Academy. The school has expressed interest in participating and volunteering with the programs in the schools. Collaborations like this can greatly enhance the quality of educational experiences for students.

3. World of Choices Program: Alberta Junior Achievement provided two classes in Kneehill County with the opportunity to participate in the World of Choices program in person. This program allows Students in high school to have the opportunity to sit down with mentors from a variety of different career sectors to learn what those jobs entail. This initiative appears to have been very successful, potentially offering students valuable insights and experiences to help them make informed decisions about their future paths.”

Council received this report as information.

Reeve Wittstock called a recess at 8:23 and resumed the session at 9:41.

9. Councillor and Committee Reports:

9.1 Councillor Christie reported on the Community Futures Wild Rose activity.

First was the acknowledgement of the YETI (Youth Economic Training Initiative) award presented to Tyson Sailer held at the Red Bird Café August 30 which he attended on behalf of the County.

Councillor Christie also spoke of the CFWR sponsorship of the “Skills in Action” training program offering instruction in “Job entry” basic skills as simple as how to make change for customers at a fast food outlet.

9.2 Councillor Cunningham reported having attended the Three Hills Discovery Night event on September 6.

On August 30 she attended the Historical Society meeting and tour of the Museum.

9.3 Deputy Reeve King.

i. Reported that Trochu Housing is applying for a grant.

ii. Trochu Seniors is meeting with AHS.

iii. Attended the FCSS 25 Anniversary celebration. “Great attendance” and “Great staff”.

10. Council Follow-up Action List

This is a feature of every Council meeting and gives in chart form projects on the books and a progress report as to whether or not they have been completed or what stage they may be at.

One item is a review of a Land Use Bylaw which Council wants to have on hand when meeting with the Provincial Government leaders.

A change in schedule and in the Council’s thinking suggested that it would be beneficial if a draft bylaw with suggested changes might be ready for an earlier review than previously planned. The discussion resulted in a decision being tabled until later in the meeting. This was done during some breaks, and after the closed session there was a two-part motion;

That Council rescind motion 274, and that Council direct Administration to refer the new Land Use Bylaw be prepared for the September 26 Council meeting to receive the first reading after which a Public hearing could be arranged.

Other items of concern in the Action List had to do with weed control on Renewable Energy land sites. Action is being taken in meetings with a plant manager and landowners.

Closed Session; 10:20 am-12:23.

11.1 Advice from Officials (Section 24 FOIP)

11.2 Advice from Officials (Section 24 FOIP)

11.3 Third-Party Business (Section 16 FOIP)

A motion coming out of the closed session was passed: “…That Council deny the request from Mr. Andrew Turner that they received through e-mail for the use of the Keivers Lake Campground on September 15, 2023”

The Councillor framing the motion and those speaking to it were sorry they could not grant the request but numerous factors would not allow it. Some of these are spelled out in the Events Bylaw. The time frame, for one, could not accommodate the request. The date requested was in fact the scheduled closing day of the campground.

Following this motion, Reeve Wittstock adjourned the meeting.