Linden-Acme Growing Project Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Linden Acme Harvest 2023

The Linden-Acme Growing Project celebrated its 20th Anniversary in supporting the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. With 425 plates served, on Wednesday, September 20, one could say the supporters did not mind the chilly, rainy weather. As always, you had your choice to stay and eat inside the tent or take advantage of the drive-thru offered and take your meal home with you.

The silent auction was well attended. The Mennonite Brethren did an amazing job on the supper and the 4-H clubs did a great job running food through the drive-through and setting up tables and chairs. Many other groups were involved in making the evening a success.

A total of $28,000 was raised in donations, along with crop revenue generating another $145,000.

On harvest day, 13 combines and 13 trucks, along with four grain carts took to the fields and finished 303 acres in one hour and 45 minutes.

The Linden-Acme Growing Project has raised over $2.2 million over the past 20 years. The Federal Government matches this amount four to one.