New Pump House Construction Expected To Be Completed by July 2024

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the September 25, 2023, regular meeting of Council to order at 5:30 p.m. All members of Council were present.

The meeting agenda was accepted as presented along with the minutes of the September 11, 2023 meeting. There were no delegations present.

Management reports began with an update by CAO Ryan Leuzinger. He has been preparing for CUPE Collective Agreement negotiations. He reported that the new pumphouse construction contract has been awarded to AGS Mechanical, covering for Kristy Sidock while she was on holiday and has been preparing for the Annual AMBunis Conference in Edmonton.

Greg Towne, Director of Finance, has been working on the 2024 Operating and Capital budget. The proposed budget document will be presented on October 23.

A four-year agreement will be signed with the current vendor - BDO - for audit services. Finance has completed the proposed water rate modelling analysis and asset management policy.

Kristy Sidock, Community Services Director, reports there have been three building permits, one electrical, one plumbing, four gas and three development permits since the August report.

Three Hills Fire and Rescue responded to eight calls, attended Three Hills Discovery Night and reported that they could see six new volunteers.

The arena roof has seen temporary repairs completed with the remainder of the repairs added to the 2024 budget.

All regular user groups are back enjoying the arena. The aquatic centre reports 318 swimming lesson students over the summer. The splash park closed after the Labor Day weekend, recording 4,787 users over the season.

Operations and Infrastructure Director Grant Gyurkovits reported on distribution valve replacement, manhole flushing, water service repairs and sewer service replacement. He also reported on culvert and sidewalk replacement and a steam tunnel collapse at RCM Condos had been filled in and compacted. The new backhoe has arrived.

Demolition of the old pump house will be starting right away. New construction is expected to be completed by July 15, 2024.

Management reports were accepted as presented.

Under Policy 220-A3 Council approved the policy as presented with a recorded vote of four in favor with Clr Byrne Lammle voting against. The motion was carried.

There were no bylaws to deal with.

Council approved Policy 540 - Asset Management Policy as presented.

Concerning request for decision RFD 23-076 - it was moved that Council receive the water modelling review and direct staff to begin discussions with our partners on the conclusions found within the report.

RFD23-078 - Council agreed to increase the ATCO Electric franchise fee to 10.5% with a recorded vote of three in favor and Clr Byrne Lammle and Mayor Ray Wildeman opposed.

Council set the next Committee of the Whole meeting for October 10, 2023, at 4 p.m.

Council has appointed Sherry Ponych to the Library Board for a term of three years, commencing September 26, 2023.

Under Council reports Deputy Mayor Dennis Hazelton attended a Community Futures meeting. He has started his training for his newly elected position on their investment review committee. He also attended a Kneehill Housing Authority meeting.

Clr Miriam Kirk attended a library board meeting reporting that the children’s summer program was a hit.

Clr Byrne Lammle reported on attending a chambers meeting. Upcoming events were discussed. A major focus was on a potential year-round Three Hills Water Tower lighting project. This project would see a wide range of seasonal holidays/events through multi-coloured computer-generated LED lighting.

Clr Marilyn Sept reported on her attendance at an FCSS meeting and on the success of Three Hills Discovery Night.

Council approved the Councillor reports as presented.

Mayor Wildeman reported on his attendance at a municipal users group meeting (Red Deer River Water).

The Mayor’s report was accepted as presented.

There was no correspondence to accept as information.

Council went into Closed Session at 8:25 p.m. to discuss personnel and a Senior Leadership Retreat.

Council moved back into open session at 8:45 p.m. No motions resulted from Closed Session.

Mayor Ray Wildeman adjourned the regular September 25 meeting of Council at 8:46 p.m.