OTI Foods Making Progress

OTI Grain Building

We first reported on OTI Foods in Acme in January 2024. At that time, they estimated, with an aggressive timeline, that Phase 1 of the project, their wheat flour mill with a daily capacity of 300 tons, would be operational by June 2024. While this will not be possible, OTI has been working hard and has one building now erected, the main building for the flour mill. Equipment for the mill is supposed to be shipped in June 2024. A cement pad has been poured and the grain storage silos will soon be placed upon this cement pad.

Farmers have continued to be very interested in this project progressing as another avenue to market their grain.

It will be several more months until the first phase is operational, and once it is, will go through months of testing to ensure equipment is functioning properly and to meet Canadian government approvals. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.