Growing Kneehill Events Expand To Three Markets


Kneehill County Council held a Regular Meeting on March 12, 2024, with all Councillors in attendance; Councillors Fobes and Cunningham joined online from a conference. Two items were added to Council and Committee reports and one item was added to Closed Session; the agenda was accepted as amended. Previous meeting minutes were accepted as presented.

First up on the agenda was item 4.1, Huxley Streetlighting Upgrade Request for Decision presented by Director of Infrastructure Mike Ziehr.

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Trochu Housing Corporation Approves Planning Project Budget

All Councillors were present for the Trochu Town Council Regular Meeting on March 11, 2024, called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor Kletke. Joining Council were CAO Carl Peterson, Director of Operations Dave Nelson, Recording Secretary Toni Nelson, and Grantwriter Jamie Collins. The agenda, three sets of minutes, and the Housekeeping List were approved with all in favour.

After a delegation from the Three Hills RCMP detachment, Trochu Housing Corporation President Sam Smalldon presented his delegat

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Prairie Christian Academy Society Celebrates 20 Years

Prairie Christian Academy Society has just turned 20 years old! PCAS came to life on March 11, 2004, when Prairie Christian Academy became a school in the Golden Hills School Division (GHSD). The PCA Society works in partnership with GHSD to deliver the Christian distinctive as a public alternative school. We are grateful to God for how He has allowed PCA to grow and flourish and for the role that the PCA Society has been able to play. The Society provides a Biblical curriculum, service opportu

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Regional Firefighters Participate In Grain Safety Training

In a collaborative effort to bolster safety and security within its agricultural sectors, Kneehill County’s regional firefighters participated in a Grain Safety Training Session, focusing on grain entrapment and safe grain handling practices.

This initiative saw 35 firefighters from within Kneehill County (Trochu, Carbon, Linden, Acme, Three Hills, and Torrington) and neighbouring areas, including Alix, Innisfail, and Clearwater County, engage in intensive training designed to bring aware

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