That's Life - January 10, 2024

Happy New Year one and all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

You have to agree that we’ve been spoiled with above average temperatures but we know the time would come when the mercury would dive far below our comfort levels.

One thing we all have to focus on in the coming days is safe travel, if that’s what we have to do.

This coming Friday and Saturday look like perfect days to stay off the road. With highs in the minus 30 range, without wind-chill, breaking down on a highway could cost you your life, especially if you have not taken any precautions.

Firstly, if you can avoid driving, don’t drive.

Warm your vehicle and clean any snow and ice from it.

Wear your seatbelts.

Always check traffic and road conditions before setting out.

Don’t go alone and make sure people know where you are going.

Always check your weather forecasts.

Use defensive driving- watch for icy patches, snowdrifts, increase your distance between vehicles.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged. Take your charge cord with you.

Make sure you have plenty of gas (over half a tank).

Intersections, bridges and ramps are more prone to icy patches than the rest of the road. Proceed with caution.

Always have a fully equipped survival kit. Always dress for the weather and always carry extra clothing, blankets, non-perishable food, water, flashlight and extra batteries, shovel, tools and a first aid kit.

Hopefully, the extreme weather we are about to experience will be relatively short but don’t drop your guard, winter is here, be prepared.

That’s Life.