Thank you for this thoughtful act of kindness

Dear Editor,

Today my husband, Alton Parker, had some visitors at his window in Long Term Care. They were two girls, Jamie Pennock and a friend of Elnora. One was on horseback. They had been visiting a friend or relative in Acute Care in the same manner and learned that Alton was a lover of horses so rode over to Long Term Care and located his window. The rider put on a little show for Alton, doing some figure eights, etc. which delighted him.

Alton would like to thank these girls ever so much for this thoughtful act of kindness. It takes some time and effort not to mention the expense to saddle a horse, load it in a trailer and haul it 30 or so miles to Three Hills. It made Alton’s day! You girls deserve Santa’s best gift this year!

Merry Christmas to you both!

Eleanor Parker

Three Hills, AB